Hetzler Brokerage Company 

 Founded 1905 in Chattanooga, TN

Serving food manufacturers and suppliers for more than one century

All Forms Industrial Fruit, Nut, Vegetable Ingredients    

Contact:  Sid Hetzler

2457 Leslie Drive NE      Atlanta, GA

Office: 423-618-6651           Fax: 770-216-1596

Email:  sid (at) hetzler (dot) com        sidhetzler (at) gmail (dot) com               



Fruitsmart:  Specialty pack NW U.S. puree/concentrate/specialty fruits, fibers, seeds

Jewel Apple, Ltd:  Frozen, fresh diced/sliced NW apples

(Pending) California supplier:  all forms raisins, cranberries, prunes, other soft fruits

Marshall Ingredients:  NY dried fruit fibers--apple, blueberry, grape, cranberry, plum

Oxford Frozen Foods:   IQF wild blueberries from Nova Scotia and Maine, IQF cranberries, infused fruits

Patagonia Frozen Foods:  Peaches and other frozen fruits from California and Mexico

Peterson Farms:  Michigan fresh and IQF apples, cherries, blueberries, cling peaches

San Joaquin Fig Co: all forms figs and paste

Shoreland Fruits:  all fruits, import and domestics, Michigan

Stahlbush Farms: specialty IQF fruits from Oregon

Werthein/Valley Evaporating:  Argentine evaporated apple, pear, dried fruit products; concentrates

Van Drunen Farms:  air, drum, freeze-dried fruit specialties


Andersen Walnuts:  all forms California natural walnuts, pasteurized, organic, conventional

Phildesco/Peter Paul:  Coconut products from the Philippines, including virgin coco oil and coco water

Ready Roast Nuts:  roasted and raw almonds, other nuts from California

South Georgia Pecan:  all forms pecans

Superbutter:  premium roasted non-nut allergen butter blend of sunflower, flax, sesame seeds t

Sunrise Commodities:  speciality imported/domestic, macadamias, seeds, snacks, fruitsag heuer replica


Arbre Farms: Michigan IQF vegetables and cherries, cultivated blueberries

Oxford Frozen Foods:   IQF carrots, rubarb, specialties Nova Scotia vegetables

Stahlbush Farms: specialty IQF, puree, vegetables from Oregon

Van Drunen Farms:  air, drum, freeze-dried vegetables/herbs, specialties replica omega


Sweet Harvest Foods:  domestic/global bulk honey with pollen for traceability, plants in MI and CA


Territory: Eastern United States, selected national accounts.

Customers: Bakeries, candy and snack manufacturers, dairies, beverage processors, bulk food distributors, etc.

Special Services: Video photography and editing of plant/production processes and equipment for sales and management information programs. 

History: The firm was founded in 1905 in Chattanooga as E. L. Cook Brokerage.  It was purchased in 1948 by S. N. Hetzler Sr. and operated as Cook-Hetzler Brokerage Co. Inc. until 1984, when the retail and food service divisions were sold, and the late Neal Hetzler retired. Previous retail and food service principals included Clorox, Coca Cola Foods, Shasta, Coldwater Seafood, A&W Root Beer, Starkist, and Georgia Pacific. The ingredient division was retained and expanded to the Eastern U.S. region. Offices are maintained both in N. Druid HIlls in Atlanta and in the Chattanooga area at Split Tree Farm in NW Georgia.

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The company now is owned by Sid Hetzler, who joined the firm in 1976.   Prior to joining the food industry at that time, he was active in the mass communications field and was accredited by the Public Relations Society of America.  In addition to  more than 30 years in all phases of food brokerage work, his earlier 15-year communications career includes service as a U. S. Air Force information officer in New York and Korea, reporting for the Chattanooga Times, teaching mass communications and journalism at Boston University and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, public relations work for Exxon and the mayor of Chattanooga, and as an originator of a variety of cultural projects in Chattanooga and Atlanta.  His education includes: B.A. 1962, Vanderbilt University; M.S. 1973, Boston University; Ph.D. 1990, Emory University. rAssociate broker:  J. B Cusick, Chico, CA.